A new publication. A book chapter on The Intercultural City

A new publication has been released. A book chapter exploring the crisis of both the intercultural and multicultural city frameworks. I argue that a right-based approach should be reinforced when designing local policies with the aim to recognize otherness. Social and urban policies should be more attentive to justice, not considered as a mere distributional force, but as the capacity to recognize specific rights to the city: affordable access to housing, accessible and diverse public spaces and spheres, equal access to services, participation to decision-making processes. This is particularly urgent in a city where socio-spatial polarization patterns increase.

In this effort, urban space matter.  Justice has a spatial dimension so a spatial perspective might be used to discern injustice in space. But justice has a social dimension too;  considering that there is a threshold level of capabilities (i.e., the potential to ‘live as a dignified free human being who shapes his or her own life’ as Sen states) below which distributional justice is sacrificed, it is incumbent on city government to provide the social basis for its availability although not for its actual realization.

Book: Città, sostantivo, plurale a cura di Ilaria Giuliani e Paola Piscitelli, Fondazione Feltrinelli, 2019

With contributions by: Gabriele Pasqui, Salvatore Settis, Stefano Boeri, Mauro Magatti, Alessandro Balducci, Paola Piscitelli, Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, John Bingham-Hall.

The chapter will be soon available in Open Access.

For more information visit this link


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