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In and beyond Europe today we witness strengthened structural spatial divisions within city neighbourhoods, with increased inequality and sharper lines of division. Continuing immigration and increasing socio-spatial polarization question social cohesion in local societies worldwide.

In Europe, high rates of unemployment, austerity and poverty make diverse neighbourhoods and local societies increasingly complex and contested. The polarisation of urban space exacerbates and ethnic concentration in neighbourhoods overlaps with situations of social exclusion and deprivation.

Against this backdrop, we witness a stalled urban regeneration investment as well as the welfare state provisions across many European cities and disadvantaged neighbourhoods, with finance enormously inhibited outside core economic areas following the 2007 financial crisis; more importantly, dissimilar top-down revitalisation strategies have resulted in new urban dynamics and urban tensions, gentrification processes and social exclusion.

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Elena Ostanel


PhD in Urban Planning, I’m currently Marie Curie Fellow based at Iuav University of Venice, University of Toronto and TUDelft. At Iuav I’m based at the UNESCO Chair on Social and Spatial Inclusion of International Migrants and I coordinate the Master Course on Urban Regeneration and Social Innovation. I’ve been Visiting Professor at VIU-Venice International University teaching the course City and Immigration. Among the founder of Tracce Urbane-Italian Journal of Urban Studies and EST/CO+, a social enterprise dedicated to urban regeneration and social innovation.

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A Marie Curie is an individual fellowship funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant.

The fellowship that is aimed at support researchers undertaking mobility between EU and non EU countries, with the option to work outside academia.

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