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  • Eureka. A new 1 million Erasmus+ Project has been financed

    From January 2021 Elena Ostanel will be involved in another international Project 'Eureka. European Urban REgenerators Knowledge Alliance'. Cities across Europe are facing the challenge of regenerating abandoned or decaying, public or private, urban spaces. Public administrations, businesses and non-profit organizations are all engaged with the transformation of these spaces and a professional profile stands out: the Urban Innovator (UI), able to use social innovation tools to develop urban regeneration processes. Urban innovators are in high demand in the job market, however they still lack a clear recognition in terms of professional role and training at EU level. The 3-years and 1-million Project is a Knowledge Alliance that addresses this need by promoting and formalizing the urban innovator profile for the public and private sector through the creation on a multidisciplinary curriculum, designed by universities, enterprises, public administrations, cooperating jointly.
  • Neighbourhood Change Research Partnership

    Thanks to the Marie Curie fellowship, I collaborate with the Neighbourhood Change Research Partnership, a major 7-year (2012-2019) research partnership underway in six Canadian metropolitan areas (34 research centers in the country, 12 policy partners) funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). David Hulchanski is the programme’s principal investigator. In the last 20 years, Prof. Hulchanki’s research has deeply focused on what neighbourhood-level interventions are most effective in mitigating the effects of socio-spatial inequalities and producing bottom-up and innovative urban and social regeneration. Go to website
  • Deprivedhoods ERC Project

    Thanks to the Marie Curie Fellowship I'm visiting reseacher based at TUDelft in the Netherlands. I collaborate with DEPRIVEDHOODS, a 5-year research project funded by the European Research Council with a 2 million Euro ERC Consolidator Grant awarded to Prof. Dr. Maarten van Ham from Delft University of Technology. The ERC project has started on the first of August 2014 with 10 researchers in four countries (Estonia, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom).
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  • U-Rise Master Urban Regeneration/Social Innovation

    I'm among the founder of U-Rise Master at Iuav, the first italian Master Course dedicate to Urban Regeneration and Social Innovation. A new approach to the revitalization of deprived urban areas has emerged, based on the mobilization of local resources and direct beneficiaries. Urban regeneration is increasingly looked at as a place- and community-based process that has to originate from local needs and resolve and local authorities rate community-based initiatives built upon innovative social approaches as crucial to spark the (sustainable) social and physical revitalization of their blighted neighbourhoods. Specialized and sometimes innovative professional profiles are needed to be trained. Go to website
  • Urgent- Urban Regeneration. European Network of Town

    I'm part of the research group of the action-research Project URGENT- Urban Regeneration. European Network of Towns. 11 cities involved, Iuav is leading the action-research activities of the Project. ALDA is the Project leader. In today’s Europe we are reaching alarming levels of urban fragmentation, inequality and structural socio-spatial divisions within our cities, feeding extremism and radicalisation. Most vulnerable people are often bound to concentrate in disadvantaged areas where social exclusion and deprivation usually overlap with multi-ethnicity, which further challenges social cohesion. Increasingly marginalized and stigmatised, these areas and their inhabitants are pushed into a vicious circle of poverty. In this context, and through a bottom-up approach to raise local awareness on the urgent need to establish new connections among inhabitants of marginalized neighbourhoods and those of central areas, URGENT aims at tackling the growing fear of immigration, which feeds euroscepticist attitudes.
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  • EST/CO+ University Spin Off

    I'm among the founder of EST/CO+ University Spin Off based at Iuav. EST/CO+ is a co-operative established in 2012 in Padova and acknowledged as University Spin Off in 2017. EST provides strategic and managerial advice to support private and public organisations in 4 key-areas: urban regeneration, social innovation, technical assistance, coworking.
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  • SharingSpace. Research on intercultural cities and collective space

    I've been a Marie Curie Fellow within a IRSES Project dedicated to the creation of a network among research centers focusing on different features of international migration. The Project was aimed at understanding the nexus between international migrants and collective urban space in cities of 2 European countries (Italy and Portugal) and 3 of the Global South (Argentina, Mexico and South Africa), as a critical feature of any social cohesion policy.
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