A new publication discussing ‘Self-organization practices in cities’

As a result of the Conference Cities and Self-organization (Rome, 11-13 December 2018) a new publication has been released.

With the colleague Giovanni Attili, I’ve worked at the introduction of the Special Issue N°4 POWERS AND TERRAINS OF AMBIGUITY IN SELF-ORGANIZATION TODAY published by TracceUrbane-Italian Journal of Urban Studies.

In the introduction, we argue that a focus on self-organization practices in contemporary city raises new questions around the relationship between active citizenship and local governments; this is particularly relevant under global neoliberal conditions where States’ retrenchment from social welfare has heightened since the 2008 financial crisis.

Download and read the introduction , ‘Self-organization practices in cities: discussing the transformative potential’ by Elena Ostanel and Giovanni Attili

Download the Special Issue, POWERS AND TERRAINS OF AMBIGUITY IN SELF-ORGANIZATION TODAY, edited by Giovanni Attili, Carlo Cellamare, Lidia Decandia, Elena Ostanel e Barbara Pizzo


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