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The aim of this work is to explore applications of the intercultural and multicultural paradigms to urban fabrics. My intention is to contribute to the ongoing academic debate, taking into consideration the crisis of interculturalism and multiculturalism, particularly in Europe, and inquiring into possible strategies that could be devised to manage diverse urban societies.

In line with other scholars, I support the adoption of a more pragmatic approach by concentrating on the urban scale in different national contexts in a domain where often nebulous declarations of good intentions and statements of general principles prevail. The need for renewed pragmatism is in line with the need to strongly re-position the question of justice in urban studies.  In growing social and spatial polarized cities, the just city should be strongly pursued as a goal both in policies and practices.

The aspiration to give rise to the just city must be moved by a drive to transform the ways in which identities and differences are produced rather than the a need to affirm class, race, gender, sexuality and abilities as traits of difference but that remain unequal.

In this sense, justice is not conceived politically as a re-distributional force, but as support to the enhancement of citizens’ capabilities.

The book chapter ‘La città interculturale’ is is free for download at this link:


Read more on the book ‘Città, sostantivo, plurale’ published by Fondazione Feltrinelli Editore 


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